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Quiet, Please

One of the great thrillers in radio history, Quiet, Please premiered on Mutual Broadcasting System on June 8, 1947 for 30 minutes, and then moved to ABC in 1948 until its final show on June 25, 1949. The brainchild of Willis Cooper, who previously garnered some success with the equally sinister Light's Out, "The Army Hour," and some film scriptwriting, "Quiet, Please" did not attain full respect until years later when scholars and other writers analyzed its ingenious writing and acting.

Cooper and the star of the show, Ernest Chappell, had worked together earlier on the Campbell Playhouse, and, despite Chappell's lack of acting experience, Cooper tapped him for the lead role.. This proved to be a solid decision as Chappell's natural gifts for voice quality made his characters distinctive, and his measured sense of pacing made the show intentionally chilling.

Episodes opened with Chappell's deep voice softly announcing, "Quiet, Please" followed by ominous-sounding organ and piano chords, and long, deliberate pauses that created "dead air." He sets up the stories in first-person voice, which brings forth an air of intimacy to the show. The telling of the stories move along through the use of weaving between first-person narration, dramatization, and flashbacks, all punctuated by foreboding music and sparse use of sound effects. Never more than 2 or 3 other actors appeared on each episode, most often to play female parts.

There are 89 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Some People Don't Die December 8, 1947
I Have Been Looking For You June 15, 1947
I Remember Tomorrow July 27, 1947
Inquest August 3, 1947
In Memory Of Bernardine November 24, 1947
Kill Me Again November 17, 1947
Take Me Out To The Graveyard November 3, 1947
Don't Tell Me About Halloween October 27, 1947
Be A Good Dog Darling-missing-second-half September 22, 1947
We Were Here First June 22, 1947
Bring Me To Life August 10, 1947
Not Enough Time October 6, 1947
Camera Obscura October 13, 1947
Cornelia July 20, 1947
Little Fellow December 15, 1947
The Ticket Taker June 29, 1947
Rain On New Year's Eve December 29, 1947
Nothing Behind The Door June 8, 1947
Come In Eddie December 1, 1947
Three November 10, 1947
How Are You Pal September 10, 1947
And Jeannie Dreams Of Me October 17, 1948
Good Ghost October 24, 1948
Berlin 1945 December 26, 1948
The Man Who Stole A Planet July 26, 1948

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